The only reason I had gone to this years Warped Tour was for a comic book vendor...

     This years Warped Tour had artwork from my favorite comic book company Valiant Comics. I decided to drive 5 and a half hours to get some free swag at their booth since they have not been at any comic conventions in the south yet.  The comic book store they were working with in Dallas bailed the last moment and they didn't have a booth so I was super upset!   Towards the end of the festival I ran into a guy wearing a Valiant T-Shirt and it was Atom! Freeman the Sales Manager for Valiant Comics.  He was a super cool dude and gave me a big ass bag of Valiant loot.  It was so much fun nerding it out with him for about 30-40 minutes about the direction Valiant is taking.

     The Warped Tour was actually rather fun. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of really terrible bands but there were some gems in there that made the experience very much worth going to.  T.S.O.L., Watsky, Fire From the Gods, Futuristic, Valient Thorr, Hundredth, and several others made the 45 dollar entry fee worth it even before I got about 100 dollars of Valiant swag.