Some times you just forget all your shit.

     So I was in a hurry to get on the road for a 5 and a half hour drive to Dallas Texas to see Rammstein tonight and I forgot all of my clothing and other toiletries.  The only things that I had brought with me was my camera, concert ticket, and laptop so I can log in to work tomorrow from my AirBnB rental.  WHICH, the people at the place I am staying are super cool so far. They speak little English and I speak no Spanish but so far so good. We do a lot of nodding I have found.  I am getting my drink on with some Guinness Foreign Extra. I have drank barrels and barrels of Guinness but have not had this before. It is quite delightful! 

I am hoping to get some decent photos today. Rammstein is a HUGE band and I am sitting out in the 85 dollar a ticket section so its pretty far back there at the Starplex Pavilion.  I am staying another night and an option for a show to see is Boston with Joan Jett.  Not saying that is not a fun line up but want to make sure there are not any other bands at Trees, Three Links, or Club DaDa tomorrow night.