New Music - At the Drive-In

in•ter a•li•a - The main talking point you will hear about this album is that it is the first album from ATDI in 17 years. The second talking point you will read in most reviews is that it is not as great as their last album "relationship of command". If you look at the musicians resumes you would be blown away that collectively they have released about 40+ albums since then (mostly thanks to Omar Rodriguez-Lopez who released 17 or so this year)

17 years ago they broke up into The Mars Volta and Sparta (who I was lucky to see two time and they were great) 

Anyhow this new album is fantastic to me.  After about 20 listens I absolutely love this album and  cannot wait to see them in Oklahoma! 


EDIT:// The show has been canceled. :( I have already been refunded back on my ticket purchase at least. REALLY was looking forward to that show too! It was going to happen this coming up Tuesday .